Sovereign Supply Chain

The Sovereign Missile Alliance’s (SMA) Australian industry support for the Sovereign Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance Enterprise (GWEOE) will be drawn from an existing and already established ecosystem of highly capable Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Our Sovereign Supply Chain

More than 600 local supply chain partners across all corners of the country, creating and supporting thousands of local jobs.

"Establishing sovereign capability allows us to develop key strengths here in Australia. We don't have to rely on supply from overseas countries to support our forces."

Grant Tinney, Founder, Shareholder of QPE Advanced Machining, part of the Stärke Advanced Manufacturing Group.

"I think it is fantastic to be supplying components that not only protect our nation, but are shipped all over the world.

The more we produce in country to support our sovereign capabilities the better!"

Adam Sutton, Business Development Manager at Australian Precision Technologies

Value and Performance

The SMA will leverage the experience of managing C4 EDGE, an innovative collaborative model and the first Australian Defence Force program specifically designed to nurture and support the SME ecosystem while extracting maximum value and performance.

Existing and Established Ecosystem

The SMA can provide the Commonwealth of Australia with an available and accessible sovereign supply chain to expedite the investment and establishment of the Enterprise.

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