The Team

Two of Australia’s leading sovereign defence companies, EOS and Nova Systems, have combined to form the Sovereign Missile Alliance Joint Venture.  

Sovereign Missile Alliance

An Australian owned and controlled sovereign Strategic Industry Partner.

Our Key Partners

The SMA draws on the strengths of EOS and Nova Systems, two leading sovereign defence companies.

Electro Optic Systems (EOS) is a publicly listed Australian company and leader in the design, supply, development and support of space control, missile defence, electro-optic sensors, surface warfare systems, kinetic and directed energy weapons, space-based communication, C4I systems and advanced electronics and controls.

EOS has the technology in sensors, seekers, stabilisation, countermeasures, thermal design and guidance and control including C2 systems for Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and Surface to Air Missiles.

EOS is Australia’s largest defence exporter, with around $200m in defence exports in 2021 and a team of over 550 personnel globally.

Nova Systems is a 100% Australian owned and controlled Professional Service Provider, specialising in the provision of engineering and management services, providing our clients with world class independent expertise in delivering complex projects.  

Our annual revenue of more than AUD $300 million generates substantial economic benefits for Australia and the states and territories in which we operate.  
We have an Australian workforce of more than 660 employees and engage an additional 300 local supply chain partners across all corners of the country, creating and supporting thousands of jobs.

Sovereign Supply Chain

Our Australian industry support for the Sovereign GWEOE will be drawn from an existing and already established ecosystem of highly capable Small and Medium Enterprises.